Documentation Archive

2002-OCT-13 - Oscillation physics with a Neutrino Factory - CERN-TH/2002-208

2002-JAN-01 - DOE/NSF High Energy Physics Advisory Panel - final report .pdf

2001-JUN-14 - Neutrino Factory Feasibility Study II report .html

2000-AUG-21 - NUFACT99 Proceedings NIM A Vol. 451, Issue 1, pp. 1-388

2000-MAR-15 - Article from the CERN COURIER

1999-JUN-30 - Preliminary design of a linac based Neutrino Factory - slides by B. Autin .pdf

1999-APR-30 - Prospective study of muon storage rings at CERN - CERN Yellow Report CERN 99-02

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