First Meeting of Prospective Study on Muon Colliders

20 July 1998, 14:00 in CERN PS Auditorium, Bldg 6 - 2024

by A. Blondel

To match the ECFA mandate for a prospective study on muon colliders, it is proposed to define a stagedapproach to a machine operating at the energy frontier with significant physics experiments at each stage. First, very high fluxes of neutrino beams would be aimed at. Then, after LHC and possibly a linear collider have provided their first discoveries, a precision muon collider collider such as a Higgs factory would be built. If those two experiments are successful, the feasibility of the large machine would be assessed and decision to build it could be made.

Muon Collider
by R. Palmer
  • Download the corresponding EPAC-paper as an introduction.
  • Download the whole Status-Report for a comprehensive up-to-date-information.
by B. Autin
Physics Motives
Carrying out Experiments
by A. Blondel
Working Groups
  • Neutrinos, convener: Bruno Autin
  • Precision Muon Colliders (PMC), convener: Alain Blondel
  • Large Muon Collider (LMC), convener: John Ellis

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