20 September 1999, 14:00 in CERN PS Auditorium, Bldg 6 - 2024


  • Introduction by the Chair (Y. Déclais)
  • Current thinking on muon storage rings and colliders .pdf (A. Blondel)
  • Neutrino factory and muon collider in the US .pdf (H. Kirk)
  • Progress reports:
    • R&D at CERN on muon machines .pdf (H. Haseroth)
    • R&D at RAL on muon machines .pdf (R. Edgecock)
    • Some thoughts on A High Power, Radiation Cooled, Rotating Toroidal Target for Neutrino Production .pdf (J.R.J. Benett)
    • Neutrino beams and experiments .pdf (J.J. Gomez-Cadenas)
    • Radiation issues for nufact .pdf (F. Dydak)
  • Future activities
    • Presentation of Muon Collider Working Group .pdf (P. Janot)
    • Presentation of Working group on Physics opportunities with intense muon and neutrino beams .pdf (J. Ellis)
  • AOB: suggestions welcome


Background information:

After completing a first step, the prospective study yellow report CERN-99-02 and a second step, the NUFACT99 Lyon Workshop on neutrino factory based on muon storage ring, our european muon activities are now gaining importance and recognition.

Cern has mandated a neutrino factory accelerator working group (NFWG) under the leadership of Helmut Haseroth. This working group has to present a first report end of september including a first set of R&D suggestions.

The working group on neutrino beam and experiments (JJ Gomez and F. Dydak) will continue actively.

Work must continue on the Higgs factory and high energy muon collider. Patrick Janot has accepted to reconvene a reunified study group on muon collider physics and experiments.

In addition a working group should evaluate the physics opportunities with intense low and middle energy muon and neutrino beams, (rare muon decays, lepton scattering expts, muon induced fusion etc..) and will be set up by John Ellis.

It will be important to keep close contact between these activities and many have expressed the wish to have regular muon meetings were matters of common interest are presented and discussed. This is the purpose of the plenary meetings.

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