3rd EUROnu costing meeting December 08-09 2011, CERN (Switzerland)

7th IDS-NF plenary meeting October 17-19 2011, Washington DC (United States)

Sterile Neutrinos At The Crossroads September 26-28 2011, Blacksburg, Virginia (United States)

NUFACT11 August 01-06 2011, Geneva (Switzerland)

Neutrino Factory Near Detector Workshop July 30-31 2011, Geneva (Switzerland)

EUROnu/IDS-NF safety Workshop June 09-10 2011, Geneva (Switzerland)

EUROnu/IDS-NF Costing workshop May 25 2011, Geneva (Switzerland)

IDS/EUROnu workshop of the Neutrino Factory Near Detector Working Group May 16-18 2011, Capri Island (Italy)

EuCARD 2nd Annual Meeting May 10-13 2011, Paris (France)

ECFA review Panel meeting May 05-06 2011, Daresbury Lab (United Kingdom)

3rd EUROnu Annual meeting January 18-21 2011, Didcot (United Kingdom)

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