Beams for European Neutrino Experiments

Coordinator: M. Mezzetto
BENE is a Networking Activity (N3) in the framework of CARE
(Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe).

Main Objectives


Physics meetings are held during the Joint BENE/ECFA Muon weeks held up to four times a year, the annual CARE week and, at special occasions, in one of the participating laboratories. In addition to the regular working group meetings, dedicated workshops are also organized. Agenda of the meetings and slides of presentations can be found under this web page.

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Neutrino Unbound: a daily monitor of scientific publications about neutrino physics, with commented updates of new results.

We are presently collaborating to the organization of the following workshops

Physics with a Multi MW proton source, CERN, 25-27 May 2004.
High Intensity Frontier Workshop, Isola d'Elba (Italy), 5-8 June 2004.
Exploring the Impact of new Neutrino Beams, European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas, Trento (Italy), 18-22 October 2004.

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