Beams for European Neutrino Experiments

Coordinator: V. Palladino
BENE is a Networking Activity (N3) in the framework of CARE
(Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe).

Main Objectives

The aim of this NA is to coordinate and integrate the activities of the accelerator and particle physics communities working together, in a worldwide context, towards achieving superior neutrino (_) beam facilities for Europe. The final objectives are:

BENE is structured in five Work Packages. PHYSICS (M. Mezzetto), DRIVER  (A. Mosnier), TARGET (R. Bennett), COLLECTOR  (J.E. Campagne), NOVEL NEUTRINO BEAMS  (R. Edgecock, F. Meot for the MUFRONT and MUEND section of Neutrino Factories and  M.Lindroos for the BETABEAM).

BENE Meetings

The kick off meeting of the BENE Networking Activity was held jointly with the regular meetings of the ECFA Muon Study Groups

So will all its future meetings. Joint ECFA/BENE Weeks of meetings planned in 2004 are:

Our 5th yearly international meeting (NuFact, the International Workshop on Neutrino Factories & Superbeams) will be in Osaka this year (July 26-August 1). Is is already NuFact04, by now. We Europeans should attend and contribute in forces.  

As in the last two years already, a NuFact International Summer School in Tokyo (July 16-24) will preceed it. We Europeans should not miss the opportunity to send our students and post-docs there, as an  introduction to the Workshop

Workshop EXPLORING THE IMPACT of NEW NEUTRINO BEAMS is being organized , at the ECT (TRENTO, Italy) 18-22 October 2004, by C. Volpe with help from the BENE PHYSICS WP and the BEATABEAM team in the & NOVEL NEUTRINO BEAMS WP.

In the first half of 2005, we plan to hold two Joint ECFA/BENE Weeks, tentatively in February and May, to contribute to the preparation of the NNN05 Workshop at the Frejus Laboratory in April, and then to host in Europe NuFact05 in June. By that time we will also have to produce "comprehensive book type documentation" to the CERN management as an input to their decision process on accelerator R&D choices. June 05 is a decisive date for us and we are trying to plan all the steps (studies, reports, events) necessary to get successfully there.

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