COMPRESSOR      The major constraints on the compressor lattice are : 1) large slippage factor to achieve the rapid phase rotation 2) the dispersion function as small as possible all over the ring 3) sufficient straight section for rf cavities, injection and extraction devices, Most of the straight sections will be occupied by rf cavities to obtain the total voltage of 4 MV. An rf cavity under vacuum with large capacitive loading, which provides the gradient of 100 ~kV/m, could be used.      Small dispersion function is preferable since the momentum spread after the phase rotation is significant. The dispersion function is, however, proportional to the momentum compaction factor which should be also large enough to achieve the rapid phase rotation. To know Estimation of the compressor magnet specifications from the note CERN-AB-2008-060   please here: - xlsx - pdf To know how it looks like in MADX please here :  - ring  - cell  - insert