Beams for European Neutrino Experiments

Coordinator: J.E. Campagne
BENE is a Networking Activity (N3) in the framework of CARE
(Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe).

Main Objectives

The major motivation of this group is that the Collection System for the high intensity neutrino beams foreseen in SuperBeam and ultimatly Neutrino Factory projects will have to keep up with unprecedent challenging conditions.  

The group will focus on "horn" technology those general principles are well known but it will push the concept at the limits. To do so, it will take benefit of the experience of the Europeen CNGS horn presently in construction, and also on gathering experience of past and present european and non-european neutrino beam horn designs.

So, the main objectives are:


Collector  meetings will take place in conjunction with both BENE and European Neutrino Group meetings. In addition, combined Target and Collector workshops are planned, as well as presentation of some status work in other WP meetings.


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